This page describes native queries.

DatasetQuery is attribute of Card, and just an object not a separate model.



Since we will be using native queries in most cases, this can be considered almost identical to DatasetQuery.

Name Type Description
type 'native'
database number database id
native NativeQuery


Name Type Description Default
query string Query body like SQL ""
template-tags { [key: string]: TemplateTag } TemplateTag {}


Name Type Description
id string UUID v4 format random id
name string Used as a key for mapping with filters on the dashboard.
display-name string Display name
type text | date | number | dimension
dimension ['field-id', field-id] field-id is ID on metabase_field table.Required if type === dimension.
widget-type string category, date/*, etc. See Parameters for types list.Required if type === dimension.

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